About Us

The spacious facilities in the midst of the beautiful landscape ensure a pleasant stay in one of our 6 unique B&B trailers, where rest and recreation are central. Arken AE is located next to various hiking and cycling routes, which are ideal for a hike or a bike ride in the beautiful surroundings. A delicious breakfast at 9:00, in the afternoon a hike or a bike tour in the area and when you return you will be welcomed by our hospitable hosts and the many animals on the farm.

Which animals are there?

Cows of all ages, sheep and of course lambs in spring! We also keep chicken, 4 dogs, and cats. Additionally, we have a horse and a pony. Very nice to see:  the cows that are allowed to go outside in the spring. A perfect weekend away with the kids?

Farm shop

A spacious farm shop with homegrown and homemade products. Fresh eggs and milk and of course all kinds of fresh dairy products. And what about home-grown rhubarb, courgettes, and pumpkins?  There is something for everyone!

A stay at Arken AE is suitable for any age and the comfortable B&B is the perfect place for a holiday or weekend away in Amsterdam.

Are you planning to visit us in the spring for a weekend or a midweek break? You are lucky then!  In spring our cows go outside for the first time. This remains a party! It goes without saying that guests are allowed to help with feeding and milking the cows. This is fun for kids, but of course also for the parents. Whether you want to spend 10 minutes, or if you like to the entire afternoon, with the cows, you are more than welcome to do so!

Also great for bird lovers to see: in spring the garden birds make nests in the surrounding trees and shrubs. In addition, the meadow birds return every spring to make their nests and to brood. Bird lovers can enjoy the distinct bird species: lapwings, godwit, redshank and many more birds.

Whisper boats

At Arken B&B you can not only discover the area by bike or foot, but you can also make use of the whisper boats. A whisper boat is a boat powered by an electric motor, so electric sailing it is! Quiet and economical. Where do you want to sail to?